Biology Required Practicals Edit

  • Required Practical 1:
  • Required Practical 2: Preparation of stained squashes of cells from plant root tips; set-up and use of an optical microscope to identify the stages of mitosis in these stained squashes and calculation of a mitotic index.
  • Required Practical 3: Determining the water potential of potato tuber cells.
  • Required Practical 4: Investigation into the effect of a named variable on the permeability of cell-surface membranes.
  • Required Practical 5:
  • Required Practical 6:
  • Required Practical 7: Use of chromatography to investigate the pigments isolated from leaves of different plants, eg leaves from shade-tolerant and shade-intolerant plants or leaves of different colours.
  • Required Practical 8:
  • Required Practical 9:
  • Required Practical 10:
  • Required Practical 11:
  • Required Practical 12: Investigation into the effect of a named environmental factor on the distribution of a given species.

Chemistry Required Practicals Edit

Physics Required Practicals Edit

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